At Big John’s Small Engine Repair we are lucky enough to be associated with Big John’s Tree Service who provide us with plenty of Oak and Pecan wood for both barbecuing a heating.


Pecan wood is used by the best professional and backyard BBQ experts throughout the USA. Here in Fairhope we are lucky to have an abundance of pecan wood becasue of the great number of pecan orchards. When Big John’s is called upon to cut a pecan tree, we check to see if the wood can be used by our clients for smoking or barbecuing. If the wood will work well we bring it back to the shop and begin the aging process.
pecan wood for BBQPecan is a cool burning wood making it ideal for smoking and barbecuing. Many of our clients use pecan to cook beef, fish, pork, poultry and even cheese. Some clients use only pecan wood, while others add a few pieces of pecan to their regular charcoal to get the taste they desire.







Oak is another wood favored by folks that love to barbecue and smoke their food. Oak has a strong, but not overpowering flavor that can add to the taste of beef and pork.

oak for bbq or heatSome of the most famous BBQ joints use only oak to get the taste they love.

Fairhope is blessed to have an abundance of Live Oak and White Oak that both make for great tasting barbeque and smoked meats.



Firewood for Heat:

We don’t get too cold very often in Fairhope, but there are plenty of times when there’s nothing better than a nice, roaring fire.

Big John’s is your source for firewood in the Fairhope/Eastern Shore area. We can load up a truck or trailer in just a few minutes and have you heading back home with all the wood to keep your loved ones warm and toasty.

We have wood year round. So if you want to build a fire in the summertime you can count on Big John’s to help you out. Of course I have firewood for those cool fall and cold winter nights too.

Give me, Ronnie Mixon, a call at 251-928-7659 for prices and I will be happy to get a load of firewood ready for you.



Our customers come from Point Clear, Daphne, Montrose and Fairhope