Maintaining your tools is essential to having them work safely and efficiently.

There are a number of small things I can do to keep your small engine outdoor power equipment working properly.

A new or cleaned air filter can work wonders on your equipment. A strong spark plug can make the difference between one pull to crank and ten pulls and aggravation.


We get a short break in the winter time as the grass, bushes and weeds take some time off from growing. This is a great time to bring your mowers, trimmers, edgers, hedgers, tillers, generator, go cart or any other small engine tool in for maintenance. The cold of winter can break gasoline down into a sludge that will clog your fuel lines and carburetors.

Allow me to drain all of the liquids that could cause you problems and let me make sure that your equipment is set up to work come spring time.


Not much is worse than setting aside the time to get busy on your yard and your equipment doesn’t work.

Most of us get started on the yard in winter or spring so that the weeds don’t take over. This is a good time to be sure all your equipment is working properly.

Bring your tools into me, Ronnie Mixon, at Big John’s Small Engine Repair and I’ll make sure that everything is running like a top.

Good equipment working properly makes yard work so much easier.

Give me a call at 251-928-7659
. I will even come get your tools and deliver them back to you if you would like.

Let me get your tools working right so that you can get the job done fast and efficiently.

Our customers come from Point Clear, Daphne, Montrose and Fairhope