string trimmer repair, string trimmer repair Fairhope
Ronnie Mixon repairing a Stihl String Trimmer at Big John’s Small Engine Repair

“Repairs is what I do best.”


I want to be the best small engine repair shop in Fairhope and all along the Eastern Shore.

I’ve been repairing small engines for 30 years. Often, I can diagnose the problem in just a few seconds and get busy working on the solution right away.


Riding Mowers generally offer the biggest challenge because of the number of things can go wrong. I have the knowledge, experience, tools and parts to solve the issue and get your mower back to you in a timely manner.

Walk Behind Mowers are a bit simpler than the riding mowers, and a little easier to repair.

Trimmers, Edgers, Tillers, and Hedgers all have their own challenges, but I can figure out the problem and start with the solution quickly.

Chainsaws are a great tool when working properly. When not working properly, a chainsaw is dangerous. Allow me to get you chainsaw working the way it should be, along with a sharp blade, so that you can work safely.

Generators are great when the power goes out. If your generator keeps just your refrigerator and freezer working, it pays for itself by saving you from throwing out expensive food that has gone bad. But what if you haven’t used your generator in a few years? Fuel lines may break or become clogged with old gasoline that has turn to sludge. The spark plug may have lost its spark. Let me take a look at your generator so you know it is ready to go if the emergency arises.


I know that you need to get your equipment working so that you can get back to keeping your lawn beautiful.

I will get your outdoor power tool working properly as quickly as possible so you can get back to work.


If you need me to come pick up your equipment, just give me, Ronnie Mixon, a call at 251-928-7659

I’ll be happy to come get it and return it to you when repaired.
Our customers come from Point Clear, Daphne, Montrose and Fairhope

I hope you will give me the opportunity to get your outdoor power equipment working like new.

You will be amazed at how much easier your job will be when your tools are working properly.