Big John’s Small Engine Repair shop has been serving the Fairhope area for more than 30 years. Professionals and backyard warriors come to Big John’s Small Engine Repair for all of their maintenance and repair needs. No job is too big or too small.

Lawn Mowers

We maintain and repair mowers of all types, Zero turn, lawn tractors, professional grade mowers, push mowers. We’ll even sharpen the blades on your reel mower.

Big John's Riding Lawn mower

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Keeping your mower in top condition and repair makes mower so much easier and more pleasant. No one likes to cut grass when their mower is acting up. That’s the time to call the best small engine repair shop in Fairhope. 251- 928-7659  We can fix any and every problem you may be experiencing. New or sharpened blades, tight belts, throttle cable, new tire, new seat. You name it we can do it. Even if you can’t name it…we can.


Hurricane season is from June through November. You want to know your generator is working properly before it is forced into duty. At Big John’s Small Engine Repair we can make sure your generator will supply you with electricity when you need it. Call us now. 251-928-7659  You don’t want to wait until a storm is approaching.


Our customers come from Point Clear, Daphne, Montrose and Fairhope


Blades Sharpened at Big John’s

I had a customer come in complaining that his riding lawn mower was leaving grass uncut. I knew right away he needed his blades sharpened. Your blades can become dull after repeated use and by hitting objects like limbs and roots. If you encounter such a problem just bring your mower or just the blades in to Big John’s and let me get your blades sharpened.

I don’t only sharpen mower blades. I can sharpen chainsaw blades, edger blades, sickle blades, and machetes.

Do you need your knife blade sharpened? I can do that too.

You will be amazed at the difference a sharp blade will make in whatever project you are working on.

Blade sharpening is just one of the services I offer at Big John’s Small Engine Repair. I can repair all brands of mowers, chainsaws, tillers, edgers, hedgers, generators and trimmers.

Call 251-928-7659

Our customers come from Point Clear, Daphne, Montrose and Fairhope