Blades Sharpened at Big John’s

I had a customer come in complaining that his riding lawn mower was leaving grass uncut. I knew right away he needed his blades sharpened. Your blades can become dull after repeated use and by hitting objects like limbs and roots. If you encounter such a problem just bring your mower or just the blades in to Big John’s and let me get your blades sharpened.

I don’t only sharpen mower blades. I can sharpen chainsaw blades, edger blades, sickle blades, and machetes.

Do you need your knife blade sharpened? I can do that too.

You will be amazed at the difference a sharp blade will make in whatever project you are working on.

Blade sharpening is just one of the services I offer at Big John’s Small Engine Repair. I can repair all brands of mowers, chainsaws, tillers, edgers, hedgers, generators and trimmers.

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Our customers come from Point Clear, Daphne, Montrose and Fairhope