Riding Mower Repair In Fairhope

I had a client bring in a Murray Riding Mower for repair. It was an older mower that just would not crank. After a few minutes of checking the mower out I figured out that the carburetor was clogged and the fuel filter was clogged too.

I was able to take the carburetor off and clean out the dirt, oil and sludge. I changed the old fuel lines and placed the carburetor back on to the mower. I replaced the old air filter with a new filter so that the engine could breathe.

Neither of these mower repairs were difficult, actually it is a common problem that is easily fixed.

When the client came to pick up his riding mower I told him of the problems I had found. The client then recounted how he had bent the deck housing by running into a root and turned his mower over on its side to pound the deck housing back into place.

The moral of the story is DO NOT turn your riding mower on its side. A be certain not to turn the mower with the carburetor and filter side down.

This is just one example of the types of mower repair I do here in Fairhope.

If your mower needs any kind of repair give me a call at 928-7659.


The riding mower owner is still a client. I spoke with him the other day and we discussed the work I’ve done for him in the last two years. Riding mower repair, walk behind mower repair, trimmer repair, edger repair and chainsaw repair. The client told me that everything is working great now and that yard work is much easier when all of the tools are working properly.




Small Engine Repair Fairhope, AL

Welcome to Big John’s Small Engine Repair‘s web site. I’m glad you are giving us a look. I’m sure that I can fix whatever problem you are currently experiencing with your lawn equipment, generator or chainsaw.

I’ve been working on mowers, trimmers, blowers and such right here in Fairhope for over 30 years, so I have the experience to get the job done.

Give me, Ronnie Mixon, a call at 251-928-7659
and let me get your small engine working like new again.

If you would like, I will come pick up your equipment, take it to my shop for the repair, and deliver it back to your home quickly.

You can rest assured that the work will be done right the first time.