Pecan and Oak make great BBQ Firewood

pecan wood for BBQ

Just got a call from a friend bragging about how good his barbeque went yesterday, Father’s Day.

He went on and on about how great the pork tasted because of the pecan bbq firewood he bought from me last week.

He told me the pecan wood made his Boston Butt taste sweet, but that the pecan wood did not overpower the pork.

pecan wood for BBQ

I like to barbeque using pecan and oak. Both have their own distinctive tastes that allow the flavor of the barbeque to come through.

So if you are looking for BBQ firewood, call me at 928-7659 and we can make it happen.

I also have firewood for summer bonfires.

When you are ready to add a new taste to your BBQ, come see me about pecan and oak firewood.

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Our customers come from Point Clear, Daphne, Montrose and Fairhope


Blades Sharpened at Big John’s

I had a customer come in complaining that his riding lawn mower was leaving grass uncut. I knew right away he needed his blades sharpened. Your blades can become dull after repeated use and by hitting objects like limbs and roots. If you encounter such a problem just bring your mower or just the blades in to Big John’s and let me get your blades sharpened.

I don’t only sharpen mower blades. I can sharpen chainsaw blades, edger blades, sickle blades, and machetes.

Do you need your knife blade sharpened? I can do that too.

You will be amazed at the difference a sharp blade will make in whatever project you are working on.

Blade sharpening is just one of the services I offer at Big John’s Small Engine Repair. I can repair all brands of mowers, chainsaws, tillers, edgers, hedgers, generators and trimmers.

Call 251-928-7659

Our customers come from Point Clear, Daphne, Montrose and Fairhope


Mower, Trimmer, Chainsaw, Generator and Small Engine Maintenance in Fairhope

Big John’s Small Engine Repair

is your friend in Fairhope for maintenance on your mowers, trimmer, edger, chainsaw, generator or other small engine yard tools you have.

I’ve been doing maintenance on small engines and tools for over 30 years, so I can get the job done right for you; the first time!

Having regular maintenance performed on your riding or walk behind mower keeps them running like a top. Mower maintenance can also help me to spot potential problems that could cause greater damage to your mower and end up costing you much more. I believe you would be much happier with me if I spot a problem early and save you money in the long run.

Call 251-928-7659

Hurricane season is upon us and we’ve already had one tropical storm in the Gulf. Let me perform your generator maintenance and your chainsaw maintenance so that you will be ready if a storm heads our way. You spent good money on a generator to provide your family with a little electricity if the power goes out. Wouldn’t it be awful if your generator refused to crank or run when you need it?

That’s why it is important to bring your generator into Big John’s Small Engine Repair for generator maintenance. While your generator has been sitting it may have developed some small problems like a weak spark plug, your gasoline may have turned to sludge, your fuel lines may have become clogged or broken. The generator maintenance I provide will have you ready to ride out the storm.

And allowing me to perform chainsaw maintenance before the storm will have you ready to tackle the cleanup after the storm. Once the storm hits I will be busy repairing chainsaws that aren’t working properly. Our friends that thought their chainsaws were working fine will find out that they should of had their chainsaws maintained and ready to go.

Be smart and get your chainsaw in early so you are ready and able to clean up after the storm.

I also do trimmer maintenance, edger maintenance, hedger maintenance, go cart maintenance and any kind of small engine maintenance.

If you need blade sharpening in Fairhope, I’m your man.

I can sharpen mower blades, chainsaw blades, hedger blades, edger blades, sickle blades, machete blades. I also sharpen knife blades, both big and small.

Remember that maintenance will save you money in the long run and insure that your equipment is running at its best when you need it.

Call me at 251-928-7659
for any small engine maintenance or blade sharpening needs.


Our customers come from Point Clear, Daphne, Montrose and Fairhope