Pecan and Oak make great BBQ Firewood

pecan wood for BBQ

Just got a call from a friend bragging about how good his barbeque went yesterday, Father’s Day.

He went on and on about how great the pork tasted because of the pecan bbq firewood he bought from me last week.

He told me the pecan wood made his Boston Butt taste sweet, but that the pecan wood did not overpower the pork.

pecan wood for BBQ

I like to barbeque using pecan and oak. Both have their own distinctive tastes that allow the flavor of the barbeque to come through.

So if you are looking for BBQ firewood, call me at 928-7659 and we can make it happen.

I also have firewood for summer bonfires.

When you are ready to add a new taste to your BBQ, come see me about pecan and oak firewood.

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